Rehabilitation services in Thornton, Colorado

At North Suburban Medical Center, we provide a wide range of therapy and rehabilitation services to our patients in north Denver. Rehabilitation is often necessary after a diagnosis or surgery, and it helps patients restore to their maximum abilities.

For more information, please call (303) 920-4362.

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team includes therapists from a variety of specialties. Our Thornton therapists work together to create a rehabilitation regimen—based on your health and condition—to help you recover quickly and safely and to restore your independence.

The majority of our rehabilitation programs are designed for inpatients, and therapy begins as soon as possible in the hospital to aid in a speedy recovery. If outpatient rehabilitation is necessary after being discharged from the hospital, our team can connect you to resources in the area.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy involves medically supervised exercise that helps patients restore and maintain maximum movement and function. Physical therapy may include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, endurance exercises and manual therapy techniques.

Speech therapy

North Suburban’s speech language pathologists help patients with communication and swallowing problems. Communication abilities may be lost due to medical conditions, such as, stroke, and speech therapists help patients relearn those abilities. Speech language pathology focuses on fluency, articulation and voice quality.

To make an appointment for a swallow study, please call (303) 450-3562.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation involves lifestyle education, physical therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation to help restore a patient’s heart health and endurance. Cardiac rehabilitation is helpful after a vascular surgery or a cardiac event, such as a heart attack.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

North Suburban’s orthopedic rehabilitation program assists patients to returning to their full capabilities after an orthopedic surgery, such as a joint replacement surgery.

Neurological rehabilitation

After a neurological event, such as neurosurgery or a stroke, neurological rehabilitation is often necessary to help patients relearn lost physical and cognitive skills.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation helps improve lung and respiratory function for people with chronic respiratory diseases and disorders. It involves a combination of education, exercise and personalized support.

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program welcomes outpatients. To reach our pulmonary rehabilitation unit, please call (303) 450-3696.