Bone and joint center in north Denver

North Suburban Medical Center offers comprehensive joint care in north Denver. Our orthopedic care team includes orthopedic surgeons, certified therapists, nurses, joint specialists and other professionals who are dedicated to improving the joint health of our patients.

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Whether you experience acute (temporary) or chronic (long-lasting) joint pain, we understand living with joint pain is uncomfortable. It can make simple, everyday tasks difficult, and it can stop you from doing the things you love the most.

A variety of disorders and diseases could cause you to have joint pain. Our orthopedic specialists in Thornton diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions that cause joint pain, including:

Joint pain treatments

North Suburban’s orthopedic specialists will always try to resolve your joint pain with non-invasive treatments before suggesting surgery. Many patients experience joint pain relief with a personalized exercise program or medication regimen. Our orthopedists will work with you to determine what treatment may work best for your pain and your lifestyle.

Joint replacement surgery

When nonsurgical treatments do not alleviate your joint pain, joint replacement surgery may be an option. In joint replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon replaces diseased and damaged joint parts with new, artificial implants. The result is a healthy, new joint that moves without friction—causing no pain.

North Suburban offers joint replacement programs for:

If you and your orthopedic doctor decide joint replacement surgery is right for you, our team will provide you with personalized care before, during and after surgery. Our inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation staff will work with you after surgery to help you recover as quickly as possible.