Bones, Joints & Muscle Specialists at North Suburban Medical Center

Foot & Ankle Surgeon

A foot & ankle surgeon has advanced training related to conditions of the foot, ankle & lower leg. Podiatrists and Orthopedists may also be foot & ankle surgeons.

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Hand Surgeon

A hand surgeon typically is a plastic surgeon who has advanced training in diagnosing and treating hand and wrist conditions.

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Orthopedist/Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedists/Orthopedic Surgeons diagnose and treat disorders of the bones and joints.

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A podiatrist specializes in diagnosis and treating foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. A podiatrist may or may not be a foot & ankle surgeon.

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Spine Specialist

A Spine specialist typically is a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon with advanced training in diagnosing and treating back and neck conditions.

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Sports Medicine Specialist

A sports medicine specialist typically is an orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon who specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries that occur through sports activities.

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