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Eric W Porritt, DO

Eric W Porritt, DO

Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Eric Porritt provides personal and quality care to the North Denver area as a general orthopedic surgeon affiliated with North Suburban Medical Center. He treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including knees, hips and shoulders. Additionally, his unique background makes him particularly suited for all patients in this area. Previously, Dr. Porritt served his country through the National Guard, both in active duty and the Reserve. Following his orthopedic residency training, he was stationed in Germany at the only overseas level II trauma center Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC). There, he split his time between treating war trauma from Afghanistan and Iraq, and maintaining a thriving practice for units based in Europe and Western Asia. Dr. Porritt also participated in operational medicine as the staff orthopedic surgeon for the 160th Forward Surgical Team (FST). He deployed to Afghanistan with the 160th as they supported Special Forces throughout the country, performing battlefield emergency resuscitative and limb saving surgery. Upon completing his military service, Dr. Porritt decided to bring his expertise to the North Denver region. While he has an aptitude for trauma and sports medicine, he also has a personal interest in total joint replacement of the hip and knee and has a great affection for senior care. He is proud to bring novel total hip replacement innovations to the North Denver area. He offers a newly developed tissue sparing total hip fast recovery approach called "SuperPATH" that results in faster recovery, less pain, less blood loss, no dislocation precautions, higher satisfaction and decreases certain complications. Through this approach, patients are able to walk the same day of surgery and are often discharged the next day with a simple cane. In addition, he also provides a more customized total knee experience through "Patient Specific Total Knee Replacement" which ensures high accuracy and precision for the best possible outcome. Dr. Porritt's personal background, character and principles make him a truly unique type of healthcare provider. While practicing in Germany for the Army, he consistently maintained some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the entire hospital and system. Family-oriented, he and his wife of almost 20 years enjoy spending time with their five beautiful children. He believes in service, charity, philanthropy and community contribution as indicated by his life long support of the Boy Scouts of America and current involvement in local Troop 365. He loves the mountains and enjoys skiing, alpine climbing, hiking with his children, reading and church/community service. If you would like more information about Dr. Porritt and the services he provides, please make an appointment today.
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He believes in never sacrificing quality care for quantity and he strives to create a warm and personal patient experience.

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