Emergency Care for a Child's Cut/Injury, North Denver

Scrapes and bruises are a common part of childhood. How do you know if the latest injury requires medical attention or not? 

If Your Child Has a Cut, Begin By:

  • Clean the cut with water and stop the bledding by applying pressure for 10-15 minutes. If bleeding does not stop, visit the pediatric ER.
  • Measure the cut. If a cut (not on your child’s face), is less than 1 mm deep and less than 1 cm long, a trip to the pediatric ER is not necessary.

If the Cut is Severe, Medical Care May Be Necessary 

  • Visit your pediatrician’s office or the pediatric ER if the cut is greater than 1 mm deep and 1 cm long; it may require stitches or glue.
  • If the cut does not stop bleeding after you have applied pressure for 10-15 minutes, seek emergency care. A larger issue may be present.
  • If the cut is on your child’s face, emergency care may be necessary. Many times, broken skin on the case is glued or sewn to ensure proper healing.
  • Call your pediatrician if your child is not up to date on immunizations-- a tetnaus shot may be necessary.

Visiting our ERs

North Suburban has three ERs in the North Denver area. Open 7 days a week, our main hospital emergency room has kid-sized medical equipment and cheerful private rooms to help calm our little patients. Plus, our pediatric ER is staffed by pediatric-trained emergency nurses and board-certified pediatricians from the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, who provide the highest level of care. Please see the map below for locations, addresses, and phone numbers. .