North Suburban Medical Center
February 08, 2017


November 7, 2016

THORNTON, COLORADO – North Suburban Medical Center is proud to be the very first hospital in the State of Colorado to receive certification from The Joint Commission for its sepsis program after undergoing a rigorous on-site review this October. The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects North Suburban’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.  North Suburban has been focusing heavily on sepsis diagnosis, processes and standards of care over the course of the past three years due to the hugely positive impact that early sepsis diagnosis in patients can have on overall health outcomes and quality of life.

Gaby McCormick, the VP of Quality, Risk and Infection Control at North Suburban Medical Center shared what impact the program had just last year, saying, “In 2015, the mortality rate in our patients that were diagnosed with sepsis went down more than 23%, meaning 20 additional patients survived last year thanks to our sepsis improvement efforts.” North Suburban Medical Center’s CEO, Jennifer Alderfer, pointed to how the positive change contributed to the hospital’s impact, adding,

“Our mission is ‘Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life,’ and our focus on initiatives such as our sepsis program are proving that we are dedicated to just that.”

When patients have sepsis, there are a large number of health benefits tied to early diagnosis. Some benefits to a patient are, for example, lower risk of long-term organ damage or failure, better chances of a faster recovery, and a greater possibility that a patient can return home as opposed to needing the help of an assisted living facility. Additional benefits of a heightened sepsis program and sepsis certification at the hospital level include strategic and customized care plans for patients diagnosed with sepsis, additional care requirements as outlined by The Joint Commission for patients diagnosed with severe sepsis or septic shock and continued program evaluation and improvement that is reinforced by regular program monitoring by The Joint Commission. Visit to learn more about The Joint Commission and its certification standards.

Sepsis is defined as the human body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection and, according to the Sepsis Alliance, more than 258,000 American die every year due to sepsis. The alliance also notes that sepsis is the most expensive in-patient cost in American hospitals, with nearly $24 billion each year being spent on patients diagnosed with sepsis.

North Suburban Medical Center: North Suburban Medical Center is the highest-quality hospital in north Denver. As a member of the HealthONE family of hospitals, North Suburban is one of just two hospitals in the state of Colorado to be named a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures each of the last five years. In addition, North Suburban is the only hospital in north Denver to receive an “A” rating on the Leapfrog Group’s biannual patient safety ratings the last five surveys. North Suburban has been honored by the Women’s Choice Awards as one of America’s Best ERs and one of America’s Best Hospitals for Patient Safety. Licensed for 157 beds, North Suburban is located in Thornton, Colorado, a 10-minute drive from downtown Denver.