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Pelvic Organ Prolapse Robotic Surgery

Treating Pelvic Prolapse with Robotic Surgery

Pelvic prolapse is a common condition that is often painful and embarrassing. When the network of ligaments, tissue and muscles that support the uterus become weakened, the uterus can slip out of position into or outside of the vagina. Prolapse can be the result of childbirth or trauma, but also can be caused by hormonal changes that occur naturally as women age.

If symptoms are affecting your quality of life, talk with your doctor about treatment options. Many women find success with surgical repair, called sacrocolpopexy.

If your doctor has recommended sacrocolpopexy surgery for prolapse treatment, you may be a candidate for robotic surgery with the da Vinci® robotic system.

During a sacrocolpopexy procedure, the surgeon places surgical mesh in the pelvic area to hold the organs in place. With robotic sacrocolpopexy surgery, most patients avoid large incisions and painful recoveries, and still have exceptional outcomes. Robotic sacrocolpopexy has many benefits over traditional surgery and over traditional laparoscopic surgery, including:

  • less blood loss
  • smaller incisions (1-2 cm)
  • shorter hospital stay
  • minimal scarring
  • faster return to activity

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