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Mother and Baby Recovery

Mother and Baby Postpartum Recovery Unit at North Suburban Medical Center

Helping Facilitate Bonding Between You & Your New Baby

Baby IconWithin a few hours of childbirth in Labor and Delivery, you and your baby will be moved to our Mother and Baby Postpartum area of the North Suburban Women's Center. Here our staff provides customized care that helps you get to know your little one until it is time for you to leave our hospital for home.

Our Mother and Baby Postpartum Unit features comfortable, private, spacious suites with their own bathroom and shower, TV, DVD player, sleeper bed for family, and high-speed Internet access.

Rooming In

To help support family bonding and increase breastfeeding success, our team promotes rooming in. We encourage you to keep your baby with you during those important first days, but our nurses are always available to care for your baby in the nursery, if you should need a break.

Nursery Care for Newborns

At North Suburban, we have two levels of nursery care for infants:

  • Well Baby - Level 1: Caring for full-term babies without any medical complications
  • Special Care - Level 2:Caring for premature infants and babies with special needs.

Pacifier Icon

Infant Wellness Education for New Parents

Healthy Beginnings is a newborn wellness program designed to alleviate the questions and concerns new parents have during the first few days at home. This free program offers information, education and support needed to promote a healthy start for you and your newborn.

Infant Safety

Infant safety is a top priority for the North Suburban Women's Center staff. While staying at our hospital you will notice special security measures, including:

    • All hospital staff have been trained on infant safety measures
    • Special banding of babies and their parent(s)
      • Staff will regularly ask to see and match baby's band to mom and/or dad
    • Special ID badges for all hospital care provides
      • Parents play an important role in infant security by always looking for this special identification and questioning anyone who is not properly credentialed

Car Seat Safety

Did you know that Colorado law states that parents MUST have a car seat installed in their car to transport their baby home from the hospital? At North Suburban, we offer free car seat safety checks for all babies born at our hospital. Learn More about Child Car Seat Safety Checks at North Suburban.